Nature shows us how little we know.
As we continue to work against it.
Resulting in us suffering even more.

It’s why we are in this horrendous situation.
A state of disruption and unbelievable cost.
One never before experienced by so many.
We don’t understand what we think we do.

Our desire to consider components in isolation,
and not the entirety with all its complexity,
leads us into the unknown,
with impacts so incalculable.

With economic interconnectedness
and dependence intended to bind us.
It makes us so much more vulnerable,
with enormous impacts for us all.

We should work with nature
towards a life we would all like to have.
Never again to be deceived by the few.
And enjoy life to the full.

The outcomes may not be all bad.
We should better appreciate what we have,
and look after ourselves that little bit more,
and not be at everyones beck and call.

We should appreciate the advantages our great land provides,
and the agricultural benefits this allows us.
By working with the environment
we can enjoy the benifits this can provide us.