Entering invoice details

Note: This is an example procedure only and is specific to the processes and accounting application used by Colkea.

Entering invoice details

Complete these steps to enter invoice details before payment.

  1. Log in to Saasu accounting.

  2. From the menu select Add then Purchase.
    Result: The Add Purchase screen is displayed.

  3. Ensure Tax Invoice is displayed in the Type dropdown.

  4. Enter the first few letters of the seller’s name in the Contact box. As you enter the name the contacts including these letters are listed. Select the name shown on the invoice. If the name is not listed, add the seller as a new Contact.

  5. Select the Date box and enter or select the date of the invoice.

  6. Enter the Invoice #.

  7. Enter a summary of the goods or services purchased, e.g. colour printer cartridges.

  8. Complete the following details for each item or service shown on the invoice.
    • Description – Enter a description of the goods or services purchased, e.g. Cyan x 2.
    • Account – Select the expense account from the dropdown, e.g. Expense: Printing/Stationary.
    • Tags – Start to enter the tag name and select the correct tag when it appears, e.g. EM for entity maintenance expenses or PSI for personal services income expenses.
    • Tax Code – Select the tax code for the type of goods or services purchased. Most purchases are G11 for expense includes GST.
    • Amount – Enter the cost of the item. The amount is generally entered including GST, e.g. $11.00 (i.e. $10.00 + $1.00 GST).
      Note: If the cost shown on the invoice excludes GST, unselect the tick box above the Amount label. If GST is applicable for the selected tax code, GST is calculated and added to the amount.
    • If more than one type of item has been purchased, select the plus sign (+) to the right of the line item you completed and enter the details for the additional types of items.

  9. Check all the details are correct, and select Save.
    Result: The purchase is saved and you can now arrange payment of the invoice. See Paying an invoice.