Issuing an invoice

Complete these steps to issue an invoice after the goods have been delivered or services completed.

  1. Log in to Saasu accounting.

  2. From the menu select Sales.
    Result: The Sales screen is displayed.

  3. Select Unpaid.

  4. Select Quote.

  5. Start to enter the purchaser’s name in the Contacts box. As you enter the name, the contacts containing these letters are listed. Select the name of the purchaser.

  6. Select the date range when the quote was issued.

  7. Select Show.
    Result: The quotes for the selected purchaser are displayed.

  8. Select the View or Edit icon to the right of the quote.
    Result: The selected quote is displayed.

  9. Change the Type to Tax Invoice.

  10. Amend the date to the date you are issuing the invoice.

  11. Check the details on the tax invoice are correct and select Save.
    Note: The values of tax invoices are included in financial reports, e.g. the profit and loss summary report.

  12. Email a PDF of the tax invoice to the purchaser using the tax invoice template.
    Result: The purchaser reviews the tax invoice and makes payment. See Recording a payment against an invoice.