Recording a payment against an invoice

Complete these steps to record a payment against an invoice.
Note: Recording payments against invoices is performed monthly, usually in the first week of the month for all payments received in the previous month.

  1. Log in to Saasu accounting.

  2. From the menu select Sales.
    Result: The Sales screen is displayed.

  3. Select Unpaid.

  4. Select Sale Invoice from the Types drop down.

  5. Enter the date range for the previous month.

  6. Select Show.
    Result: A list of all outstanding Sales Invoices is displayed.

  7. Access the Colkea bank statement, or list of transactions online, for the previous month.

  8. Identify a payment containing a reference to an invoice.

  9. Identify the corresponding invoice on the Sales screen and select the Edit or View icon at the end of the line.
    Result: The Sales Invoice screen is displayed.

  10. Select Pay.
    Result: The Pay screen is displayed.

  11. Complete these details:
    • Date paid – Select the date the payment was made.
    • Bank account – Select the Bus Txn Acc.
    • Ref # – Record how the payment was made, such as TFR or BPay.
    • Amount – Record the amount received.

  12. Review the invoice and check there is no amount recorded under Amount owed.
    • If no amount is owing, you can continue recording payments against invoices by repeating steps 8 to 13 for further payments.
    • If an amount is owing after recording all payments, contact the purchaser.

  13. Select Save & Close.
    Result: The payment details are saved for the invoice and the Sales screen is displayed.