I am no longer actively involved in technical writing. The information provided here covers the services provided before 1 July 2017.

I assisted businesses improve their sales, customer service, and employee productivity and compliance by:

  • analysing the information needs of customers and employees (the audience)
  • structuring the required information so it is easily accessed and used
  • accurately, clearly and concisely documenting the information using combinations of text, images, video and audio, depending on the content and audience
  • making the information available to customers and employees through a website or intranet from desktop computers, smart phones and tablets
  • establishing systems to ensure the information remains current and relevant
  • providing user guides, quick start guides and online help, where appropriate.

Well structured and managed information improves:

  • sales opportunities by providing customers with information about products and services
  • customer satisfaction by allowing employees to respond quickly and accurately to enquiries
  • employee productivity and efficiency
  • compliance with policies and legislation.

Solutions are tailored to meet the organisation’s specific needs.

I worked with businesses to provide their customers and employees with accurate, clear and concise information, including:

  • details of products and services 
  • business processes, procedures and policies.

The information was presented in the best form to meet the needs of their customers and employees, including:

  • website and intranet
  • smart phones and tablets 
  • manuals, guides and brochures.

See Examples of procedures (tasks or work instructions) to provide an idea of the work undertaken.